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Former Head Pastry Chef of the Elysée, Christelle Brua, opens her chocolate shop in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. “I wanted my boutique to be a place of emotion where everyone finds something that reminds them of their childhood. I love the idea of ​​interacting with the foodies, young and old, around their favorite treats,” she says. Retail 3D has chosen us for the realization of multi-material furniture.

PROJECT: Chocolaterie Madame Cacao Paris 6ème


TIMING: December 2022 – March 2023

MISSIONS: Design – Manufacturing – Installation

Short deadlines, multi-material furniture, high level of quality, complexity of furniture (assembly, finishing, location), boutique location, and accessibility

Multi-material design/manufacturing

  • Self-supporting wall unit (>300 kg)
  • Central table with faience and Travertin tabletop
  • Lacquered metal display with glass shelf
  • Lacquered or faience furniture
  • Wooden partition integrating a backlit faience niche with glass shelves
  • Wall presentation unit in lacquered metal.