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Bespoke furniture: oneshot projects

Our teams support you in all your bespoke furniture projects, such as the customization of your offices (custom desks, libraries, various storage furniture…), reception areas (counter, reception desk, wall cladding, break rooms…), flagships, concept stores, and furniture for shopping centers…

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Multi-material Bespoke Furniture

Multi-material Bespoke Furniture We specialize in the design and fabrication of multi-material furniture: fine wood veneers, solid wood, solid surface, metalwork, glass products, leather, synthetic materials, marble… Complexity doesn’t intimidate us! Explore the various pieces of furniture we have created for Leica®, Caudalie®, Madame Cacao.

Bespoke Furniture for all types of Workspaces or ERPs

We have crafted bespoke furniture for Orange® coworking space in Nantes, the reception area of an accounting firm, custom furniture for several Nespresso®, Eric Bompard®, the Parisian flagship Leica®, or Starès, cosmetic stores for Caudalie®, chocolate shops Marcolini®, and Madame Cacao®, common areas for AG Real Estate, and boardroom tables for Caisse d’Epargne Côte d’Azur. Photo Credit: Tétris Db concept store Leica®

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Our technical design Office

Our Partner Manufacturers

For the realization of your bespoke furniture, we select manufacturing partners based on their expertise. We have been working with them for many years and have established processes to increase efficiency to meet your deadlines. We control the quality of your furniture at every stage of production. We are also capable of supporting you in deploying a network of retail outlets, agencies (banking, real estate…), senior residences, and stores.

They place their trust in us