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Ergonomic and connected Furniture

From multi-screen operator stations to boardroom tables and other custom furniture integrating technology, Elemen Craie Design caters to your specific furniture needs for trading floors, control rooms, video surveillance, meeting rooms, training, video conferencing, advisory boards, crisis rooms, and more. All Elemen Craie Design furniture is designed and manufactured to provide optimal comfort to users, prioritizing their health. They comply with all PMR (People with Reduced Mobility) standards.

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Multiscreen workstations

Designed for intensive multi-screen use in supervision rooms, markets, or crisis situations, for instance. This type of application requires ergonomic features with electric adjustments (sit-stand functionality and adaptation to morphology), aesthetic management of computer equipment and its wiring, and robustness. Explore our ergonomic workstation adaptable to your needs (dimensions, number of screens…) – I-Kube®!

Connected meeting tables

These tables introduce new uses or flexibility to traditional meeting spaces. They are intended for video conferencing, training, collaborative work, or crisis management. Fixed or retractable screens, fronts with connectivity packs, camera niches, storage cabinets, aesthetic cable management… Discover I-Rise®, I-Share®, and our WeMeet® range, concepts of customizable and adaptable furniture for your workspaces.

Boardroom Tables

We design and create a custom table for your specific needs in your boardroom: dimensions, shape, color, integration of suitable equipment (microphones, connectors, etc.). When designed to accommodate a large number of participants, it can be associated with a central totem, also customizable, to ensure that the projected data remains visible to everyone. Explore our boardroom tables!

Screen and touch tablet supports

Our expertise in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom furniture allows us to develop furniture for all types of screens (brands, sizes, etc.): totems, kiosks, tables, walls, etc., for touch tablets. Developed individually or in series according to the concept, discover some examples created for our clients (retail, trade shows, banks, insurance companies, offices, hotels…).