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SNCF has chosen I-Kube® workstations to equip several of its control rooms: the new operational centers in Paris Montparnasse/Vaugirard, Strasbourg (67), and Pagny Sur Moselle (54). Six I-Kube® units, along with a WeMeet Share Retractable® meeting table, were installed for the passenger platform overlooking Hall 2 of the Lyon SNCF station. This platform includes an operational control area for managing the station and a meeting space that can also serve as a crisis room. Additionally, five custom multi-screen operator workstations were provided for the Ile de France Supervision Center near Gare du Nord, and three workstations derived from the I-Kube® design were installed for the computerized signaling station in the operational room of Nantes.

Coeur PRG Paris Montparnasse Vaugirard

In this large room within the COEUR PRG (Unified Operational Control Center for the Left Bank Region of Paris), SNCF operators supervise the operations of lines C, N&U, and TER. This new space was designed to encourage collaboration among teams for increased efficiency in serving passengers under normal and disrupted conditions. The supervision of this extensive network requires technological, ergonomic equipment that is usable 24/7 and adaptable. Therefore, 22 I-Kube® workstations with electrical adjustments (desk and screens) were developed, manufactured, and installed. We also provided and installed acoustic panels to limit noise disturbances in the open space. Following an extension, an additional 5 workstations were delivered. Photo credits:

SNCF Passenger Platform Paris Gare de Lyon

In this large room, we designed, manufactured, and installed 6 fixed I-Kube® workstations, each 1600 mm wide, with integrated connections, cable management, and housing for our client’s computer equipment. All of this was customized. These workstations face a large video wall. In the other part of the room dedicated to meetings and crisis management, SNCF chose our retractable screen table concept.

SNCF Paris Gare du Nord

This center handles and monitors incidents reported by operators on railway infrastructures, such as signaling, tracks, catenaries, etc., across the entire Ile de France network excluding TGV (TER, Transiliens, RER…).

COGC Alsace à Strasbourg

Strasbourg Present in all regions, the Circulation Management Operational Centers (COGC) track the movements of the 15,000 trains crisscrossing the country minute by minute, 24/7. The one in Strasbourg has equipped itself with 4 custom I-Kube® workstations. Like the COEUR PRG, these workstations were designed with electrical adjustments (desk+screens) and can accommodate up to 10 screens.