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The welcome area, a strategic space located at the center of the agency, has been completely redesigned with the objective of placing humanity at the heart of the client relationship. It is now more open and inviting, featuring a reception lounge, waiting area, and service counter.

We were entrusted with the prototypes, pilot sites, and deployment. The service counter, situated at the center of the space, has been designed with all the essential elements for the advisor and their client: workstations, leaflet support, document holder, PMR accessibility, storage (drawers, cabinet), screen support, screen/printer module, etc. Laquered finish and epoxy metal structure for an airy ensemble. Over 570 agencies delivered to date!

PROJECT: Deployment of the LCL Agency Network

TIMING: Since 2017


MISSIONS : Design – Sampling – Prototyping – Manufacturing – Installation

SPECIFICS: Multi-material furniture, delivery and installation within 4 weeks, 2 reception furniture variants, compliance with PMR standards for bank branch clients, and the ability to modify reception for agency staff with disabilities.


  • Modular reception furniture to adapt to the cell size, multi-material: melamine, laminate, lacquered MDF, thermolacquered metal, PVC.
  • Integration of TV screen in the showcase and reception area.
  • Furniture for a dedicated break/tea room for employees.
  • Counting unit in a secure area. 
  • DépôtSecure Express Check Deposit (ECD) with anti-phishing system and metal-lined interior walls.
  • Check counter with anti-tipping drawers and overall locking.