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In collaboration with the architecture firm Outsign, the interior spaces of Oh Activ® senior service residences, designed to be modern and welcoming, have been meticulously crafted for the well-being, comfort, and safety of the residents. Adhering to a demanding specification regarding material sourcing (wood, glass, metal, leather, etc.), we design and install a variety of custom-made furniture for common areas: tables, claustras, benches, as well as all relaxation areas featuring libraries, niches, benches. On certain pieces of furniture, we integrate connectivity (USB ports, power outlets, HDMI…) or other equipment according to the needs of each residence. We also contributed to furnishing a dance room (mirror with integrated ballet bar) for the Maisons Laffitte residence (78), the 10th recently delivered residence. In each residence, we adapt to the constraints of the existing structure by dressing the structural part of the building (pillars, partitions…) to make them ‘disappear’.

Credits: Oh Activ ®

PROJECT: Deployment of Custom Furniture for Oh Activ® Residences


TIMING: Since July 2018

MISSIONS: : Design, Manufacturing, Delivery, Installation

SPECIFICS: : Multi-material furniture, integration of connectivity, adaptation of furniture to each residence, simultaneous deployment