Deployment of Custom Furniture for Ramsay® Hospital Rooms

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The Ramsay Générale de Santé® group, committed to providing its patients with the comfort they expect, chose the innovative design from the architecture and design agency Outsign.

The development and prototyping by elemen of two rooms convinced Ramsay GDS to deploy these furnishings in around fifty VIP rooms across France. The concept emphasizes the human dimension of healthcare facilities by offering a friendly and high-quality appearance.

Credits: Outsign

 tête de lit gougée sur mesure réalisé pour les chambres VIP Ramsay

PROJECT: : Deployment of Custom Furniture for Ramsay Générale de Santé


MISSIONS: Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Installation

SPECIFICATION : : Multi-material furniture, integration of connectors


  • Curved and lacquered headboard with illuminated strip (LEDs)
  • Nightstand with swiveling top, lamp, and integrated illuminated button
  • Rolling bedside table, height-adjustable with a handle
  • Wardrobe with a safe
  • Console: metal base with integrated lamp and illuminated button
  • Mini bar