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Since 2015, FONCIA, a French real estate management and transaction company, has entrusted us with creating the reception furniture for its agencies, spanning various evolving concepts. Currently, we design, manufacture, and install classic reception counters with or without partitions to delineate workspaces, client exchange tables, dynamic counters, etc. This furniture has been deployed in over 200 agencies to date. We have been supporting them for over 10 years in deploying custom furniture for their agencies and evolving their concepts.

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PROJECT: Deployment of reception counters for Foncia network agencies

ARCHITECT: Colliers International

TIMING: Since January 2020

NUMBER OF DELIVERED AGENCIES: 200 (117 under the current concept)

MISSIONS : Design, manufacturing, and installation

SPECIFICS:Integration of structure into furniture, creation of the custom furniture catalog, installation within 4 weeks nationwide, development of the installation process and assembly instructions, reversible furniture (right/left), on-site furniture disposal for recycling, updating plans based on changes and constraints encountered.

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