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Launched in 2016, this brand of natural cosmetics for men exclusively distributes its products online. In 2020, Horace opened its first store in Paris and continued expanding its network throughout France. Since June 2022, we have been collaborating with our partner Retail 3D to assist them in realizing the furniture for their stores. To date, we have delivered 10 stores (Lille, Nantes, Aix-En-Provence, Paris St Germain, Paris Italie 2, Paris Marais district, Montpellier, Lyon, Marseille, and Strasbourg).

A big thank you to the Horace® Nantes team for allowing us to capture images of the custom furniture in their cosmetics store on Marne Street in the heart of the city!

Credits : Groupe Elemen

Table centrale laquée bleue à tiroirs pour magasin Horace®

PROJECT : Deployment of custom furniture for the HORACE® store network


TIMING : Since june 2022

MISSIONS : Design – Manufacturing – Installation of cosmetic furniture

SPECIFICS : Opening pace, requested deadlines (between 4 to 6 weeks between order and opening), manufacturing of multi-material furniture, creation of a catalogue with 7 references and up to 10 variants per reference.


  • Central table in blue lacquer with drawers and a Securit® glass protective top, anti-reflective, extra-white, and with a Flat Polished Edge
  • Custom-made thermolacquered metal shelves and display board in the client’s chosen shade
  • Laminated furniture with a series of drawers extending up to 6.50 meters in length
  • Corian® countertop with custom-made hatch
  • Mirrors with a shadow box