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About Us

Support throughout all or part of your layout projects

Expert fitters… for the past 19 years!

Based on the outskirts of Nantes, in the heart of the Pays-de-la-Loire, we have specialised in crafting bespoke fittings and furniture since our creation in 2005. At the crossroads of several professions, we provide a comprehensive solution for architects, designers, project managers, and brands throughout the project’s life cycle, from the initial design phase through to project completion and handover, thanks to dedicated points of contact and a team of experts from various sectors: retail (cosmetic and clothing stores, chocolate shops, shopping centres, flagship and concept stores, etc.), real estate (retirement homes, headquarters, offices, etc.), and the service industry (banks and estate agents, insurance companies, etc.). As skilled fitters, our approach means that we fit seamlessly into their commercial strategy, enhancing their image and reputation, and ultimately allowing them to focus on supporting their customers.

The acquisition of Craie Design in 2009, a brand established in 1983, allowed us to take a new direction and expand into a specialist niche market: technical furniture. This acquisition now enables us to include technical integration and ergonomic expertise in our bespoke furniture. We provide technological furniture concepts, such as ergonomic multi-screen workstations, boardroom furniture, and furniture for meetings, training sessions, and videoconferencing etc., which we adapt to the unique requirements of our customers in France and overseas (China, Isarel, Maghreb, and Europe).

We take your ideas for layout, furnishing, and equipment and turn them into practical, sustainable, replicable solutions that prioritise users and the environment.  We cultivate strong human connections, provide quality checks throughout your project, and actively listen to your needs regarding aesthetics, ergonomics, design, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. 

Our team mobilised to support you for all your bespoke furniture projects

“Our primary objective is to take the lead in formulating a comprehensive technical brief that allows us to provide the most precise cost estimation for your project. We work closely with our in-house design office ensuring seamless integration between the design and manufacturing stages and prioritise partnerships with local suppliers as well as packaging and transport optimisation. The interaction with our design office is crucial during the layout study phase as it enables us to effectively coordinate delivery and monitor quality throughout the installation process. From the design stage, in collaboration with your teams, we carefully select materials from verified sources and place an emphasis on sustainable and cost-effective solutions that are easy to dismantle”. 

“Our role involves validating the furniture design based on the plans drawn up by the architects and designers and the technical brief prepared with the business managers to optimise the design, harmonise the elements, facilitate assembly, and select appropriate materials. To ensure quality, we conduct thorough inspections of your furniture at our partners’ production sites.” 

We have the following services on hand in-house: Accounting, Human Resources and Communication. We have an active online presence through our website and various social media platforms and strive to showcase both your projects and our partnerships. We also have a CSR officer. 

Our CEO Cyril Pauty and our Executive Director Anne-Françoise Pauty :

Made in France and local distribution network

Our value proposition is based on an ecosystem that is 100% made in France.We carefully select our partners, including cabinet-makers, metalworkers, joiners, and mirror-makers, following strict criteria in terms of quality, reliability, after-sales service, compliance with specifications, environmental considerations, and budgetary constraints. All our partners are equipped with state-of-the-art digital control systems compatible with 3D design files. This digital infrastructure helps to ensure reliable production and optimises lead times. Additionally, our production facilities are located within a radius of less than 100 km, thus minimising travel and transportation. In this way, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with our solutions and recommendations. This proximity also allows us to closely monitor the manufacturing process for your furniture (blank assembly, visual inspections, etc.).